Hi, I’m Guy Riese.

I write about my current journey to living life to its full potential and making an impact as an entrepreneur.

This blog aims to share my experience, inspire others and encourage feedback and discussion.

About Guy Riese

My life has been shaped by technology and entrepreneurship since I first started coding aged 12. At age 13, I built my own web hosting internet business unassisted and grew this to serve over 5,000 customers worldwide (Tech-Hosts). I successfully sold this business in July 2014.

In summer 2013 I went on to found Event Cloud, a profitable software-as-a-service business catering for events companies.

In summer 2014 I worked as a Summer Analyst at Credit Suisse in Fixed Income Sales & Trading.

I have just graduated from Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London with 1st Class honours.

My previous entrepreneurial experience has left me eager to start working on bigger ideas which have the potential to improve people’s lives. This relentless ambition led me to found Up Learn – a learning system for achieving A* at A Level.