2 reasons you can and should be more self-confident

In this post I’ll reveal the only 2 possible outcomes of being more self-confident and how you can develop it (should you choose to do so…).

I am fortunate to have friends from many different backgrounds. One of the results of this diversity in my relationships is exposure to a vast spectrum of careers, lifestyles and aspirations. This got me thinking. Why do people have such different aspirations and ambitions?

Some argue that whilst many skills and qualities can be developed and nurtured, ambition is something that is more intrinsic and you simply cannot change. But I believe ambition comes down to self-confidence. The more self-confident you are; the more you believe in your own abilities and/or purpose and the more you feel capable of achieving (ambition).

So the question really is: can self-confidence be grown/developed? If so, maybe ambition can too.

Part of what has made me who I am today is my self-confidence. Here’s why. The two possible outcomes of self-confidence are you either actualise your belief (were right to be self-confident) or you fail to actualise your belief (were wrong to be self confident). If you actualise your belief, you succeed in completing some intended result. If you fail to, you learn from the experience and develop increased resilience and increased knowledge of that area. In my view, both these outcomes are beneficial.

So if there’s no downside, how do you get some of this?

I’ve found that self-confidence comes from putting yourself outside of your comfort zone. If you literally prove yourself capable of doing things you were afraid of, i.e. do the hard things, you will inevitably build your confidence in taking on new challenges in future. So whilst there is no cushy shortcut to self-confidence, it is nonetheless attainable.

If you’re looking to get started, I highly recommend Julien Smith’s ‘The Flinch’ (click for free ebook) for inspiration. Think about what you’re afraid of right now. What’s holding you back? Now instead of flinching away, go towards it. It is only when we put ourselves outside our comfort zone that we may grow as individuals.

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